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Hey Elaine.

Some super valid points there. Certainly much room for improvement that’s for sure. And I totally agree with you that reviews for guests that have never actually stayed at your place should be treated totally differently.

By: Elaine Sun, 16 Aug 2020 03:25:17 +0000 You are absolutely correct. I have had very similar conversations with Airbnb, (not because of Covid, but for other reasons for cancelling last minute). Here is my points.

1. When we have done this, the guest often leaves a scathing review and all “1”s saying they were scammed, there was bugs, or it was a bad place (even though they may never have been on site) etc etc. Airbnb allows these vindictive reviews to stay, even when they are clearly lies and revenge driven. Lies don’t seem to matter to Airbnb. How can a person say the place was dirty when they admit they have never even been to our home, and, the last five reviews say “sparkling clean”??? After one such review, Airbnb froze that account for a few days, saying “your ratings dropped after a recent review… review hosting standards to get higher ratings” Even one time when a guest cancelled and told us they were going to “make us sorry” and give us a bad review if we didn’t refund them, Airbnb told us that their own Extortion Policy would not be in effect, because we did not have their words in writing, even though we had them saying it on a security camera – they refused to look at it, and we had called them and reported it 24 hours before the review was left.

2. Guest that cancel for any reason, should be subject to the cancellation policy as is. Refunds for any reason should be through a separate refund. Airbnb tries to get the guest to submit an alteration instead to allow the guest to change a 2 week booking to a one night booking so they can cancel. Airbnb also has suggested to guests to try to alter their booking so that it is more than five days away and then cancel so that they are not subject to the cancellation policy.

3. Reviews need to be changed so that guests that did not arrive at your house, are not reviewing your cleanliness etc, as any review on that is not valid if they have never been there. Reviews for cancellations should be done in a different way – more like an exit interview.

4. Have all of the relevant Airbnb policies in front of you when you call, and reference them, like you said, as they “Airbnb’s policies”

By: Rowan Clifford Tue, 11 Aug 2020 01:20:33 +0000 In reply to Georgia Hargraves.

Thanks Georgia.

Stoked it helped.

By: Georgia Hargraves Mon, 10 Aug 2020 08:24:10 +0000 Thanks for sharing this. I’m goig through something similar with Airbnb right now and it;s been really handy to see how you dealt with it. It’s given me food for thought. Blessing Georgia.