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Welcome to VISIBLE – The Ultimate Airbnb Ranking System

In this program, you are going to learn my system for ranking at the top of Airbnb search.

Course Structure

2 Chapters


This module is going to guide you step by step through ALL of the on-site SEO variables under your control.

By the end of this module, your listing will be SEO complete, ready to move onto stage two of the process.

Stuff You Need to Know 3 Lessons

Introduction & Lesson Map

This is the first step of the course so let me introduce myself, plus, lets take a quick tour of what's coming your way over the coming weeks.

Airbnb SEO Basics

A quick refresher on the basics of Airbnb SEO.

The Ranking Loop

A meta-level look at the system we'll be building as part of this course, and an introduction to my Airbnb ranking loop.

The Practical Step by Step 6 Lessons

Search To Listing Conversion

The very first hurdle we must overcome as part of our ranking strategy is to get users to click from the search results pages to our listing pages.


Boolean Operators

In order to show up in the maximum number of possible searches, you first need to avoid the chop of the search filters...

Listing Complete

A complete listing sets the foundations of an authority listing.  

Compelling Copy

Refresh your skills on effective copy-writing and layout.

Image SEO

Learn how to optimize the images you upload to Airbnb to maximize their impact, and extract the most ranking juice possible.

Pricing Strategy

Optimised prices are essential to showing up in as many searches as possible.

2 Chapters


Stuff You Need To Know 2 Lessons

Get Better Reviews

Consistently getting better reviews is a core part of ranking higher in Airbnb search over time.  In this lesson, you'll learn ways to influence the subjective review making decisions of your guests.

Review Process Breakdown

Find out what you're being reviewed against, then build a system to hit home on all fronts.

The Practical Step By Step 6 Lessons


Under promise, and over-deliver!

The Cleaning Feedback Loop

Learning from guest feedback - especially when it comes to cleanliness - will give you insights into any issues early, allowing you to fix them before they become a problem.

Location, Location, Location…

Obviously it's impossible to move your house to a new location.  So what can you do to improve the perception of your guests when they're leaving reviews?

Remote Check-In

Remote check-in is all about taking you out of the check-in process.


Send the right information at the right time, every time.

The Value Squeeze

On the one hand, you have guests looking to book the best accommodation at the cheapest possible rates.  Yet on the other hand you have hosts looking to maximize their earning potential.

So, where's the middle ground?


Tools Of The Trade 4 Lessons

Messaging & Flow

The busier you get the more messages you have to respond to.  Over time, with so many guests at different stages of the booking journey, this workload can get extremely time consuming, and very confusing.  

Automated messaging tools help solve this problem.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is the fast-track way to more visibility in search.

Digital Welcome Book

A digital welcome book has its place in your hosting tech stack for a number of reasons.  

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking software helps you to measure the work that you do, and the steps that you take and monitor their effects on your placement in search.

Advanced Offline Strategies 2 Lessons

Backlink Breakdown

Backlinks form the backbone of traditional SEO, and they can also help with your ranking on Airbnb too.

Social Signals

Signals from social media add authority to your listing page, which in turn will move it up the rankings on Airbnb.

Wrapping It Up 1 Lesson

The Complete Loop

A reflection on the complete ranking loop that you've been building, and how it translates to more bookings, fewer vacancies, and higher prices per night.