LOOK Cinemas
Look & Dine

At LOOK Cinemas, we’re always striving to provide our guests with the best entertainment experience.  

Please join us for your favorite movies, content and freshly-prepared, delicious, dining options.

Assorted Food and Drinks

Explore our menu!
Tap or scan the QR code on vour
table to open Look & Dine.
Order whatever vou want,
whenever you want - we don't
make it until you order it!

Couple Watching Movie

Because you're in charge of
ordering and payments, we'll
serve vou with limited
distractions so you'll never
miss a moment!


Craft cocktails & brews!
Our bartenders will whip up
some fun - and deliver it directly
to your seat!

Group raising a toast

Come early & stay late!
Meet some friends for happy
hour in the lobby or watch
the game on our big screens
at the bar. There's alwavs
something going on!

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